Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three right picks out of seven on Friday meant barely a blip for 5x rules, but 50x moved ahead a little bit.

The 50x rules set now stands at 75% of the best win to date zenith achieved on February 10, and the way the numbers have been playing out lately, a recovery lasting more than three weeks is nothing to be alarmed about.

It is hard for some people (especially stock-holders who pretend they disdain gambling) to draw a parallel between sports book betting and investing on Wall Street, I know, but that does not make the comparison invalid!

Stocks frequently head south for no discernible reason, then surge to new heights, maybe because someone somewhere has pushed a green button just for the fun of it.

So it is with underdogs: giant-killers one minute, tails between their legs the next.

Friday brought a win of less than 1 unit for the original 5x rules set.

And because dog wins have been in short supply for the last couple of weeks or so, a max win in the 50x column was whittled down by ever-larger losses for series that are below the max but struggling to recover.

Current data follows.

Late update (not shown in the summaries above): the overall DWR for Friday was 24%.

Not good enough!

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