Friday, April 9, 2010

Six baseball dogs out of seven crush their short-odds opponents, giving the 7-dog trial its best day in far too long. It's all about the numbers!

When nine out of 11 games deliver final results that the bookies tell us are "upsets" you have to wonder how the guys in green eye-shades set their odds!

I'm not complaining, but on Wednesday, underdogs came out on top in seven MLB games in 15, and yesterday was an even more dramatic dog day.

In our ongoing trial, the 5x column powered ahead by more than $3,150 and the 50x rules set got a handy boost as well, reduced by the fact that the day's only losing pick was a maximum $5,000 bet.

I have heard it said that at the front end of a new season, no one is an expert on how games are likely to shake down, and when underdogs beat favorites by 9 or 10 runs, that counter-prognostication makes sense!

So, Wednesday and Thursday the bookies cleaned up, and I am always happy when they do because I get to pick up a few crumbs from their table.

Today is another out-of-the-office occasion for me, so I'll keep this short and just add the latest set of picks.

An important reminder: The only person likely to make money out of this blog is you, Dear Reader. There's nothing to buy, ever, and your soul is safe (from me, at least). Test my ideas and use them or don't. It's up to you.