Sunday, April 4, 2010

No bets today and no updates either...someone forgot that it's not just a church holiday but a family anniversary too!

Hey, nobody's perfect, and as George Orwell might have put it, some people are less perfect than others.

Saturday's sports schedule brought woe and misery for both rules sets in the 7-dog trial, but the debacle will not be revealed in all its gory details until tomorrow.

There were not enough qualifying dogs to fill a card today, and that's just as well, what with it being Easter Sunday AND the 35th anniversary of the day my wife and I first got together (for what we both promised would be not more than a 10-day fling - she was headed for South Africa then, and I was due to fly off to Florida before her return!).

Baseball is finally with us tomorrow and that should spice things up a little.

Monday, April 5 at 12:45pm:

OK, so no bets today either with the NBA dark and baseball games starting way too early.

Tomorrow, then...

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