Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the long run, sports betting won't break the bank if you do it right. But there will days and weeks along the way when it will break your heart!

The 5x rules set has been wallowing in red for most of this year (since January 28!), and hope is fading that a tight spread will ever bring a turnaround.

On the 50x front, we were just a fistful of dollars away from revisiting and surpassing our best win to date when a prolonged downturn set in and the brass ring slipped away.

For now.

I'm late with today's post and apologize for that, but I have been putting in time on the Bodog question (does the "casino" run table games software that switches algorithms when possible double-up betting is detected?).

I can't prove a darn thing with just 120 real-money bets to go on, but even with such a small sample, a house edge of between 16.5% and 25% sets sirens blaring and red flags waving.

I haven't tried Pinnacle's blackjack and baccarat games since my bank's carrier pigeon is still flapping its way to Taiwan after battling headwinds all week!

But when I take on Pinnacle's virtual games, I will track every bet, compare my records with the house log, and post a full report.

Meanwhile, here's today's betting info:

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