Sunday, April 25, 2010

The experts say the only lesson we are allowed to learn from past experience is that we can't win. Target betting says otherwise.

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Yes, I would be much happier if both the 5x and 50x rules sets for the on-going 7-dog trial were thousands ahead and the record showed nary a dip in our fortunes.

But even little kids still in diapers quickly learn that real life is all about ups and downs and learning how to get back on your feet after a fall.

The last three underdog days have been kind to the 50x column and not too hard on the conservative approach to target approach (which, as is so often the case, has proved to be the most dangerous betting policy in the long run).

The wide-spread tracker is firmly back in the green but still a long way short of its best win to date.

The 5x chart seems to be doomed to bouncing up and down interminably, deprived as it is of the ammo it needs to blast its way out of the hole on those days when the dog win rate matches or exceeds its 45% historical average.

Here are the current numbers:

Monday, April 26 at 12:15pm

Today's picks, hot on the heels of another 4/7 day on Sunday...

NBA 526 Milwaukee Bucks 189-2 +115 5:30PST
NHL 6 Nashville Predators 5 +130 6:00
MLB 952 NY Mets 8.5 +110 4:10
MLB 955 Washington Nats 8 +140 5:05
MLB 964 SF Giants 6.5 +140 7:15
MLB 966 Toronto BJs 9 +120 4:10
MLB 967 Detroit Tigers 9.5 +125 5:05

Tuesday, April 27 at 11:10am

One game was delayed yesterday (Dodgers/Mets) but dogs managed "upsets" in three out of six picks and the 50x column leaped ahead dramatically thanks to great timing. Even the 5x rules set eked out a win!

Today's picks are all from the MLB schedule:

903 4:10 San Diego Padres 9 +115
905 5:05 Washington Nats 8 +135
916 7:15 SF Giants 9.5 +120
919 4:05 Min Twins 8 +110
922 4:05 Baltimore Orioles 9 +130
923 4:10 Oakland As 8.5 +135
931 4:10 LA Dodgers 7 +120

(All target betting wagers are "straight up" or money-line only, meaning that only the final result matters; I include totals and spreads where appropriate for those who bet on such things - both toss-ups that in my opinion are only good for the book!).

An important reminder: The only person likely to make money out of this blog is you, Dear Reader. There's nothing to buy, ever, and your soul is safe (from me, at least). Test my ideas and use them or don't. It's up to you. One more piece of friendly advice: If you are inclined to use target betting with real money against online "casinos" such as Bodog, spend a few minutes and save a lot of money by reading this._