Friday, May 7, 2010

Weeks like this remind us that if we don't bet, we can't lose. But then again, we can't win either! So we just keep trying...

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About the only happy news this week is that at least we're not exposed in the stock market!

Underdogs - our underdogs, to be more specific - have suffered a $5,550 hammering in the 5x column, and almost five times the damage in the 50x tracking chart.

It is disappointing, of course, because until the current slide, 50x seemed poised on the launchpad to a new high.

Thursday's Wall Street woes made betting on underdogs seem safe and sane in comparison, although I often feel that way walking out of a casino several percentage points ahead after a session involving little or no risk!

All of life is ups and downs, so we have to hope that unpredictable vertical motion is preferable to the horizontal alternative, right?

Here's today's data...

Saturday, May 8 at 10:10am

Hell week continues!

More about that next time. Meanwhile, today's updates...

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