Friday, September 20, 2013

3-Play kills the house edge at casino table games, but anyone who expects to win online has to be crazy. Online sports books are a different ballgame (really!) and that's where Target can make you a winner. Safely.

It's been six months less one day since I last posted here, and my excuse is that I have been happily tied up working on the best online betting method since...well, since online betting began.

I don't want to push the 3-Play post too far down the screen (there's a lot of good advice there!) so I'm just going to provide a link and let readers weigh the facts for themselves.  In a few days, the Sethbets website will be password-protected.

Here's a quick summary of 2013 results to date:

There's a lot more corroborative data on the Target Sports web pages...

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